Strengthening European Traditional Sports

Building a network to strengthen European traditional sports and games


VlaS ended the official part of the SETS-project ‘Strengthening European Traditional Sports’. We can now work on the 'technical implementation report' and the financial report to the European Commission.  This is required to justify the funding by the EU.

During eighteen months VlaS has lead the project in cooperation with Sportimonium vzw en six foreign partners including the European Umbrella for traditional sports and games: ETSGA. During the three international conferences representatives of 23 European countries were present.  The results of the project are among others:  well-considered recommendations to the European Commission, a stronger European TSG-network and the publication of a SETS-book. The latter counts 112 pages with hundreds of photo's of no less than 93 traditional sports out of Northern and Eastern Europe. The book is available in five languages, next to English there are versions in Spanish, French, German and Dutch. For more information or if you would want the SETS-book to be send to your address, please contact VlaS. 


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