Strengthening European Traditional Sports

Building a network to strengthen European traditional sports and games

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The total duration of the project is 18 months, during this time three phases will be completed:



1.     Preparatory phase:



-    The main partners of the project will gather and put together the contact   data of traditional sports and games associations from their     own networks.


-    The selected participants will agree upon the programme, the schedule of the conferences, and the arrangements.


-    A forum on the website will be set up to exchange useful information in order to preserve and promote traditional sports and games.



2.     Second phase: Conferences



The first conference will be held in Amsterdam, and will focus on traditional sports and games associations from North-West Europe. The second conference will be held in Lithuania, and will focus on traditional sports and games associations from Northern Europe.



Both conferences will last three days and have following agenda:


                - Introduction of their organisation by every participant.


                - The situation of traditional sports and games in their community.


                - Strengths and weaknesses of traditional sports and games.


                - Future cooperation when the SETS project ended.


                - Recommendations towards the European Union.



The third conference in Hungary will have similar programme as the preliminary programmes. In addition a general conclusion will be formulated.



3.     The last phase:



-    Publication will be written, published and distributed to the partners and any interested person/organisation.


-    The existing network (ETSGA) will be expanded to cover a greater part of the European Union.



During the whole process, The European spirit of ‘richness in diversity’ will be guarded.