Strengthening European Traditional Sports

Building a network to strengthen European traditional sports and games


Conference documents Martfü - Hungary


Theme 1: situation of TSG within their community

Theme 2: strengths and weaknesses of TSG

Theme 3: future cooperation possibilities between TSG

Theme 4: recommendations towards the European Union regarding TSG


conclusions of the conference in Martfü

list of participants + contact details (e-mail, phone number and website)

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The third and last SETS conference took place in Martfü, a village 100 km from Budapest, from 4-6 March 2015.

This conference was meant for traditional sport and games associations out of South-East Europe (see photos below).

presentations of participants:

association contact person
Baranta Traditional Hungarian Martial Arts Association Máté Fekete
Czech and Slovakia slingshooters Uller Jaroslav
Czech Association of Table Hockey Players Jakub Hasil
Ethnosport World Society Alexey Kylasov
European commission, DG  Education and culture, Unit Sport Roland Farkas
European Traditional Sports and Games Association (partner) Guy Jaouen
Hungarian Shuttlecock Association Fehér János
International council of organizations of folkore festivals and folk arts Ralitsa Kareva
International Sectorball Federation István Mártonfi
National Czech Handball federation  Jiri Cedidlo, traditional Greek wrestling Xristos Paggeas
Public Benefit Organization of City of Kavala Vassiliki Ypsilanti
Romanian Oina Federation Nicolae Dobre
Romanian Sport association of Tzurca Adrian Barlea
Sportimonium (partner) Erik De Vroede
Tesz- Vesz Youth and Child Foundation (partner) István Bali
Tesz- Vesz Youth and Child Foundation (partner) Mátyus Sándor
Vlaamse Traditionele sporten vzw (leader) Hein Comeyne




















Martfü Termál SPA, Ifjúság út 2, 5435 Martfü, Hungary