Strengthening European Traditional Sports

Building a network to strengthen European traditional sports and games


Figure: Anut Sally, players throwing batons at a wooden skittle known as a doll.




Figure: An English bat and ball pubgame played between two teams of either six or eight players. Alternately one team is batting and the other team is bowling.

Website: Sevenoaks & District Bat & Trap League - 




Figure: men running downhill to be the first to catch the cheese.


conker klein

Figure: A woman plays Conker, a traditional British game played by using chestnuts. 

Website: Ashton Conker Club -



Figure: Two men playing Cornish Wrestling, a old wrestling game established in Cornwwall.

Website: Cornish Wrestling Association -




Figure: A man playing Croquet 

Website:The Croquet Association - 



Figure: Players ready to throw the dodgeball to the opposing team. If they can catch them, they are out of the game.

Website: UK Dodgeball Association -


fives england

Figure: A ball game played on a court enclosed on three or four sides.

Website: The Rugby Fives Association -


flat green lawn bowls 

Figure: In London skittles you knockdown the nine pins by throwing a cheese through the air instead of a ball.





Figure: A game similar to cricket, played on a grass field between two teams.

Figure: A table, nine skittles and 3 wooden cheeses, the material needed to play table skittles.

Website: Leicester Mixed Table Skittles Summer League -