Strengthening European Traditional Sports

Building a network to strengthen European traditional sports and games


Our second conference in Vilnius promises to be a success! All the plane tickets are booked and  the program is complete. The first two days are similar to our previous conference in Amsterdam. First the delegates get the chance to present their association to the other participants. Secondly the conference topics will be presented and discussed afterwards. The seminar on the last day will be very unique. The event will take place in the Lithuanian Sport Department. Delegates as Mr. Gintautas Vileita,  President of United World Wrestling’s, World Belt Wrestling Committee-Lithuania and Tomas Gerve, General Secretary of Lithuania’s Traditional Wrestling Federation-Lithuania will speak on the seminar. As well the results of the conference will be clarified. I’m sure the conference will be interesting and will help tightening networks of traditional sports and games associations in North-East Europe. Looking forward to it !