Strengthening European Traditional Sports

Building a network to strengthen European traditional sports and games


After seven months of intensively searching for organisations of traditional sports and games, we finally started to select participants for our first conference. We are very pleased that from the eighteen invitees already fifteen have confirmed their present (see table below).


organisaties Noord-West Europa


European community of historic guilds (schuttersgilden)


European board of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA football, hurling, camogie, GAA handball, GAA rounders)


German Gorodki Association (kegelvorm)


German Shuffleboard association e.V. (shuffleboard)


Irish road bowling association (klootschieten)


Mixed Summer Table Skittles League (tafelkegelen)

UK (England)

Nederlandse Fierljep Bond (fierljeppen)


Ringtennis-Deutscher Turner-Bund(ringtennis)


Sevenoaks & District Bat & Trap League (bat & trap)

UK (England)

All England Bar Billiards Association (bar billiards)

UK (England)

partners SETS


Gerlev PlayPark (sportcentrum voor Deense kinderspelen)  


European Traditional Sports and Games Association  (koepelorganisatie)


Federachon Esport Notra Tera  (palet, rebatta, fiolet, Tsan and moura)


Institut Nacional d’Educacio Fisica de Catalunya (universiteit)


Sportimonium (sportmuseum)



Now the participants are known we can start focussing ourselves on the further organisation of the conference. At the moment we are working hard to provide everyone the right transport ticket. As well we published already the four conference themes on the forum (SETS website): 

  1. Situation of traditional sports and games within their community.
  2. The strengths and weaknesses of traditional sports and games.
  3. Cooperation between traditional sports and games organisations in the future.
  4. Recommondations towards the European Union regarding traditional sports and games.

It’s our intention to start a discussion on the forum before the start of the conference. We are really hoping the active participation of the candidates will make the forum a succes. Of course also non-participants can take actively participate in the discussion on the SETS website. (


Finally, we are practising with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. The voice recognition software will make it possible to convert the content of the conferences into digital text. In this way, participants can convert this English text with a translation program into their own language. This will help to decrease the language barrier and to realise a publication about the conference.