Strengthening European Traditional Sports

Building a network to strengthen European traditional sports and games


VlaS coordinator Hein Comeyne participates in the new European project called "European Traditional Sports and Games Platform. VlaS's is the main partner in this project which is led by Tafisa. The project aims to realise a European platform that helps ensure the active existence of the traditional sports in Europe. The contribution of VlaS includes mapping of traditional sports in Europe within three areas: practice, research and public policy in the domain of TSG. Partners and experts came together in Rome to descide how to share the workload and to discuss the goals of such a network. This project forms for VlaS a continuation of the SETS-project. The picture below was taken during the first day of the three-day kick-off meeting. More photos via this link. The project is Co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union.
From left to right: Hein Comeyne - VlaS, CONI, Jean-François Laurent - Tafisa, Katia Di Nardo - FIGEST, Giulia De Santis - FIGEST, CONI, Wolfgang Bauman - Tafisa, Sergio Manganelli - FIGEST, Malgorzata Bronikovska - Poland, Anne-Jochen De Vries - Friesland, Roberto Fabricini - secr.gen.CONI, Trea Tamminga - Friesland, Vasiliki Ypsilanti - Greece, Jorge Carvalho - Portugal, Finn Berggren - Denmark, CONI.

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